Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Around the Historic Core

Walking around the neighborhood..
Rosslyn Hotel
cleaning up the Rosslyn Hotel sign..

Sign Cleaning
This side all done!

7-11 7-11!
opposite Rite-Aid..
future location of a new 7-11 at 5th & Broadway.

and lastly, (but NOT least!) in the Old Bank District..

Old Bank DVD will be headed around the corner..

sometime soon** ("AUGUST") Old Bank DVD will be relocated.. They will be in the same building (San Fernando Bldg @ 4th & Main) but taking over the currently empty former home of MJ Higgins Gallery.

**update: 22 August 2009 After talking to Old Bank DVD it may be late August or early September for the relocation of the store.


Skidrow said...

Hi Pamela- good photos- but where's that 7-11??? Is it open now (or when?). I'm still trying to find things in my new 'hood.



meekorouse said...

yeah it's the future home of 7-11 across the street from Rite Aid at 5th & Broadway..

They're working on the interiors still. =)