Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paneless Repair.. Fixing a Window on Main St.

Settling in at the new place we had some minor repairs that needed to be made.. and they all happened yesterday!

First our fridge got looked at (SeanYoda had noticed the door was offset just a bit and was preventing the light from going out when you closed the door) as even when the door was shut you could see some of the inside of the fridge was open to the outside. A replacement washer & some adjustment was all it took. Yay!

I also noticed a crack in one of windows.. which I was concerned would get bigger if there was another big earthquake like we had last summer. When they came to see about it they found another, more deeper crack that penetrated to the wire meshing that lined the center of the window panes. Eventually they came and replaced the pane entirely!

Window getting replaced!
they had already removed the damaged pane..

Paneless view
Paneless View (I snuck a shot while they were measuring the new pane)

Cutting the glass 2 size
measuring & cutting..
Fitting the window
replacing the glass

All done!
all fixed!

They did a pretty good job! I just wish we could look out the window, but many of these have the double-sided reinforced glass (which is good I think) but keeps one from seeing much.

I'm just very glad it's all taken care of now & can keep working on settling in. Yay! Old Bank District!

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