Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Beautiful Berkeley Afternoon

Today we took a walk up to North Berkeley for some coffee and a short errand to the grocery store. I couldn't help noticing how lovely everyone's gardens and accent landscaping was looking. It seemed like everything was in bloom. I'm not a gardener but I really appreciate the effort and love people seem to put into their homes –– so much so, I kept forgetting to take pictures.

But here's a couple:

Flowers on Fulton/ near Dwight Way
Along Fulton near Dwight Way.

Flowers on Oxford /near Hurst
Further up Oxford near Haste.

I really liked how the tree looked against the home's chimney.

It was pretty warm and sunny out. A beautiful day as mentioned. It was almost a bit too warm for me. We kept our masks on, and as we walked, I had some trouble breathing. Partly because I've been sitting around the house more than usual for the past 3 months, and partly because of my janky lungs. With the weather so nice, and looser restrictions, maybe more walks are in order.

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